$16.00 per hour is lowest rate now for ELDERLY in TORONTO region Higher rates in most other parts of Canada

$16 per hour is the lowest rate you can pay any foreign worker who works with ELDERLY of person who has a Disability

in TORONTO region Higher rates in most other parts of Canada

TORONTO REGION is $16 per hour   Ontario has new  14 per hour pay      New Minimum Wage for all workers

HOWEVER   all Foreign Workers must be paid MEDIAN or so called Prevailing rate (as per their job classification & Region)

for TORONTO Region covers Toronto to Bradford and east to Whitby and West to Oakville (Burlington is higherl, Barrie London Ottawa Hamilton Niagra Windsor and most of rest of Canada are higher wages than Toronto)



Employers are welcome to request COMPLIMENTARY CALCULATION for their new payroll. 


Free evaluation & Complimentary Calculation for new Payroll  Contact: TimKinney@NannyEldercare.com

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Is your Work Permit for   __ Elderly care or    __ Child care

___ How many hours per week is your payroll based on (typically between 30-44 hr / week)

Frequency of pay is:        Weekly     /    every 2 Weeks   /     Twice a month       _________________??

IF inquiring about Elder Care rates OR if you are outside of Ontario  mention what town/city  _____ ?


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Once you know the TOTAL EARNINGS  per month or pay period you can calculate yourself   https://www.canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/services/e-services/e-services-businesses/payroll-deductions-online-calculator.html