Salary Costs & Budgeting for the Cost of hiring a Live In or other Foreign worker caregiver

If you can find a Canadian caregiver, you will simply follow whatever the requirements are in your Province – consult local requirements.

If you cannot find a Canadian to work for you as a caregiver, you are allowed to hire a Foreign Worker caregiver.  

NANNY ELDERCARE AGENCY provides Free Cost Estimates based on the position, location, and other factors.  We can assist you with a realistic cost estimate for weekly / monthly wages and related costs so that your hiring efforts will be a success.

Budgeting for Caregiver Salaries and related costs

  • There are MANY Factors that can impact the wages and overall cost of the position
  • If Live In  you can maximize your budget by coming to agreement in advance with the caregiver to provide flexible timing of assistance-
  • Actual cost will vary according to the position (responsibilities, skills & experience required)  hours of work and other factors. 
  • We assist you to explain wages, hours and the realities of the position to the prospect caregiver to ensure the person agrees and minimize costly misunderstandings

WAGES – HIRING CAREGIVERS UNDER THE FOREIGN WORKER PROGRAM (previously known as Live In Caregiver Program)

In hiring any caregiver Temporary Foreign Worker Status minimum pay must follow the current prevailing MEDIAN wage for your region –    not the minimum wage –  Employers who might hire a foreign worker at government mandates that any foreign worker must be paid based on MEDIAN wage (not minimum wage).  The rates apply to all foreign worker candidates, including the ones already in Canada.


wages and hours and the nature of the working agreement varies from region to region. Please see our main page for up to date information on market wages across Canada.

What will it cost to hire a caregiver / nanny for our family –  once we know more about the specifics of what you want and need we will give you cost estimates based on the current market.


 Free complimentary estimates to budget for hiring a caregiver:  Fill in this form (under development)