Salary Costs & Budgeting when hiring a temporary foreign worker caregiver

If hiring a Canadian resident simply follow the employer responsibilities in your Province – example Employer Help Line or Employment Standards

IF NO CANADIAN IS AVAILABLE we can help you explore options in hiring a Temporary Foreign Worker caregiver – subject to approval by Employment and Social Development Canada.  

NANNY & ELDERCARE SERVICES INC provides free cost estimate based on your needs & expectations. 

  • Actual cost will vary according to the position (responsibilities, skills & experience required)  hours of work and other factors – ultimately this is negotiated with the caregiver.
  • We assist you to explain the position to the prospect caregiver to ensure the person agrees and minimize misunderstandings
  • Government mandates a prevailing MEDIAN wage -typically higher than minimum wage.

Once we know more about the specifics of what you want and need we will give you cost estimates based on the current market.

SALARY ESTIMATES  – complimentary estimates will be provided once we know more about your needs / circumstances.    

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