1) book a consultation

2) we provide you a Retainer Agreement in advance explaining purpose of the consultation & confirm if the consultation meeting is complimentary or if any fee

3) Consultation – Immigration Consultant will first

i) clarify your request

ii) explain options you have under Immigration rules

iii) outline any Services that we can offer and specific costs for each service

4) After the consultation you can take as much time as you require to decide IF you want to retain our services

5) IF you choose to retain our services – we will first update the RETAINER AGREEMENT

I) to show the exact services you have agreed on

ii) full costs of our professional services + government fees

6) Please note that our agreement includes a clause that

i) allows the client to terminate the agreement

ii) also allows us to terminate the agreement if you the client does not cooperate in providing needed information / documents

iii) if we find the client is doing anything unlawful or contrary to the rules of RCIC we will terminate the agreement

Our team will help you navigate the Immigration process and apply for the VISAs PERMITs required. We also assist with Work Permit extensions, travel visas so the worker can accompany you to USA or other countries.

arrange a consultation: contact Joy Villanueva RCIC/CRIC 647-870-7911 cell,