LMIA and Work Permit Approvals – Recruiting Candidates

group of nannies with agency owner

LMIA and Work Permit

  1. Guiding you step by step to obtain a positive LMIA and Work Permit Approval so that you can retain the candidate that you have already found. We assist employers to obtain LMIA and Work Permit for foreign workers that you want to hire. This includes workers who are inside of Canada or abroad. If  you are a caregiver and have found an employer in Canada  we can assist your employer providing they have followed the rules set out by HRSDC and CIC. We can then assist with preparation for LMIA.  

Recruitment (and potential sponsorship)

  1. If you are still looking for a suitable candidate we will match you with a caregiver who is already in Canada ( if none of the local ones suit your needs you can consider overseas). We will then guide you to obtain the LMIA and Work Permit for you new caregiver.

Extention of Work Permit; TRV (re-entry visas) USA Visitor Visa (and for other countries)

We can also assist caregivers to obtain: Extention of Work Permit; TRV (rentry visas) USA Visitor Visa (and for other countries )

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PLEASE NOTE:  Employers must make every reasonable effort to hire a qualified Canadian or Permanent Resident PRIOR to any job offer to a foreign worker  – this is only fair to Canadians and it is the law.  We can assist you in local recruiting and then later if unable to find a Canadian or PR  we can then assist you to screen foreign worker candidates inside or outside of Canada.