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Our Team



Immigration Consultant – licensed member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council,

cell +1-647-870-7911



Tim Kinney

director of OPERATIONS

cell (647) 338-5380



Laila Bonode
ELDERCARE services

Servizi Italiano & English
* assist elderly to find experienced caregivers
* recruit eligible caregivers in Canada and overseas
cell: +1 647-336-9939



Julie Reyes

Nanny & Housekeeper Services
* assisting families to find experienced child caregivers, nannies housekeepers
* recruit eligible caregivers in Canada and overseas

cell: (647)574-5380


Sheyne Garingan


IRELLE Villanueva Application support


complimentary consultation

Ask questions, explore options.

Consultation Appointment with an Immigration Consultant.

Staffing consultation – explore options to employ Canadian or foreign workers.



Cost efficient results focused step by step guidance to support your status in Canada.


work IN CANADA – caregiver, restaurant, store OR ANY SMALL BUSINESS IN CANADA

Opportunities for Caregiver Restaurant Construction or any small business across Canada. Job Offer, LMIA. Work Permit

* Full Service Staffing Solutions for small business & Families anywhere in Canada.

* If you already have a foreign worker staff we will ensure all needed work and travel visas are in place for your staff

News & Announcements

  • Published On: January 3rd, 2023Categories: Uncategorized

    WSIB is mandatory for all foriegn workers (for all sponsored workers hired via Job Offer or LMIA) ALL EMPLOYERS OF TFW must register with WSIB (TFW = temporary foreign workers including caregivers )      Suggest when talking to WSIB or CRA or other government: Start Date of Employment is typically the same as date of Work [...]

  • Published On: December 23rd, 2022Categories: Uncategorized

    Previously the rate was $18 so most caregivers hired in previous years are at $18 HOWEVER in this past year Service Canada updated the MINIMUM rate to $17.50 simple explanation means $17.50 is the lowest hourly rate an employer can legally pay a temporary resident Foreign Worker - working under LMIA or Work Permit (this [...]

  • Published On: December 23rd, 2022Categories: Uncategorized

    simple explanation means $17.17 is the lowest hourly rate an employer can legally pay if you are a temporary resident Foreign Worker - working under LMIA or Work Permit (child care) this rate applies to ALL employers in Canada - you are welcome to send the link to your employer so they are up to [...]

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Caregivers Assisting families to obtain requisite permits and visas.

We guide people down difficult paths.

For one situation or multiple needs, we can help you when life becomes challenging.

We Can Help You Navigate the Complexities

Our Attitude

We Understand Life’s Complexities

iWhy Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

There is no rule which says a candidate must hire a lawyer to successfully apply for Canadian permanent residency. Many candidates apply and succeed on their own, while many who apply on their own face unnecessary delays or fail. Making a decisi..

iii) Client References – Clients If you wish to receive access to feedback from many hundreds of our former clients, dating back to 2015 through the present, please complete our free assessment questionnaire.

We will provide you at no charge, with an assessment of your qualifications for admission to Canada and, we will also include information for you to contact our former clients.

Immigration and staffing employment services in Canada

NANNY & ELDERCARE SERVICES INC (incorporated 2019)

  • Immigration Services for Students and Foreign workers
  • Employment Services assisting Canadian employers to find workers

Priority is to fill vacancies with Canadian workers we will recruit foreign workers who are inside Canada originally formed in 2010 as SKILLED WORKER CAREGIVER CANADA

Our Team

is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, registered and licensed member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, and a proud member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants.


founded to provide solutions in regards to Canadian immigration procedures with integrity, responsibility and professionalism. We provide all types of immigration services to people wanting to immigrate to Canada.

Our mission is to make your Canadian dream a reality and have you integrated in the best country in the world. Whether you're looking to work, study or start a business.

With our knowledge and expertise, you can count on us for a smooth immigration process

Time & Cost Savings

Choosing the wrong category or even using the wrong – version of a form can lead to costly setbacks, extended processing times, entry delays, or refusal.

Professional Guidance

At K.P.I.S. we eliminate the stress of understanding the regulations and dealing with government procedures. We guide you every step of the way.
In Depth Knowledge &


We can assist with arranging translation services, filling out forms, obtaining the appropriate permits and ensuring applications are submitted correctly.

Ethical Approach

Canada Visa Guide

Looking to travel, work, study or immigrate to Canada? Learn more about applying for citizenship, becoming a permanent resident, or refugee protection here. Check your application status and find the forms and documents you’re looking for.

Do you want to know your eligibility for Canadian Visas?

Call us toll-free or take less than a minute to fill our Online Assessment for Your Visa Options.


We assist caregivers child and elder caregivers to find jobs with families in Canada.

We also assist with non caregiver positions in Canada.

If you are overseas wanting to come to Canada – fill in free ASSESSMENT – to find out about Immigration Options you are eligible for:  FILL IN THE QUESTIONNAIRE https://secure.officio.ca/qnr?id=4392&hash=9900648ce615dbc9378558959657c5d4

If INSIDE Canada fill in caregiver registration form for those who are ALREADY IN CANADA

If questions???  Email us    Info@nannyeldercare.com 

Immigration & Recruiting Services for Everyone *