A Canadian Placement Agency for:

Nannies, Eldercare, Cooking, Cleaning, Driving


We provide a consulting service aimed at ‘adult children’ seeking advice and hands-on help for all aspects of care for aging parents, driving, housekeeping and more. We are based in Toronto but have satelight services in Surrey BC, and Calagry Alberta, as well as internationally.
We provide everything from setting up home care, finding a retirement residence and moving you in, clearing the house for resale and keeping in touch as care needs change. We help navigate the health care system, do the paperwork and resolve family conflicts.

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Find a Nanny

We have 8 years experience assisting families finding caregivers (nannies, elder care, drivers, cooks, any combination) who will be a good fit with your family. With clients in Toronto, Calgary, Surrey and across Canada. We will provide references of clients you can talk with and we specialize in recruiting local caregivers. By law we give priority to Canadians and Permanent Residents but if one can not be found then you can consider caregivers who are still under the Foreign Worker program.

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LMIA and Work Permit Approvals

LMIA and Work Permit Approvals. We assist employers to obtain LMIA and Work Permit for foreign workers that you want to hire. This includes workers who are inside of Canada or abroad.

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We assist caregivers child and elder caregivers to find jobs with families in Canada.

We also assist with non caregiver positions in Canada.

If you are overseas wanting to come to Canada fill in free ASSESSMENT – to find out about Immigration Options you are eligible for:  FILL IN THE QUESTIONNAIRE https://secure.officio.ca/qnr?id=4392&hash=9900648ce615dbc9378558959657c5d4

if INSIDE Canada fill in caregiver registration form for those who are ALREADY IN CANADA

If questions???  Email us    Info@nannyeldercare.com 

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