WSIB is mandatory for all foriegn workers (for all sponsored workers hired via Job Offer or LMIA)

ALL EMPLOYERS OF TFW must register with WSIB (TFW = temporary foreign workers including caregivers )     

Suggest when talking to WSIB or CRA or other government:

Start Date of Employment is typically the same as date of Work Permit approval (or within days). – ask your caregiver to give you copy of her Work Permit when it arrives

WSIB REGISTRATION should be done effective the same date as you put her on payroll.

* in obtaining LMIA approval you have given assurance you will provide WSIB coverage -if ever they do an audit they will ask for this. Not providing WSIB would be deemed a compliance issue. 

* If you are registering ahead of the caregiver having her work permit you might inform WSIB ‘in process of hiring a foreign worker’ and that you are required per LMIA to provide WSIB coverage

Phone enquiries for WSIB If you have any questions about this process, or if you require accommodation or assistance to complete this registration, contact us at 1-800-387-0750.

NOTE we are not accountants. Any questions about WSIB ask WSIB